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Crochet Headband: Flower Power

I did it! I made another headband.


Making these headbands is a bit of an obsession because it is extremely addictive! There is nothing better than sitting down to watch a movie and getting up with a brand new super cute accessory.


Want to see it?



I couldn’t tell you exactly how I constructed the flowers, as I made it up as I went along (let’s face it, this is why I enjoy crocheting so much! I am no good at being told what to do.) I need to figure a better way for the band than tri-folded chains, since it keeps slipping off. I have to pin this in place which is not ideal. Any suggestions from you master crocheters out there?


Crochet Headband- Bow tie

Back in June, at the brink of the winter chills, my very patient (and lovely) mother taught me how to crochet. She is incredible – and is completely able to breakdown complicated ideas into easy to learn steps. Thanks to her great teaching,  I took to it rather quickly. Crocheting is nice and compact and allowed me to bring it with me without having to lug oogles of equipment or supplies with me.

After practising my stitches in rows and rows of uneven blocks, I decided I had to actually try something to really cement what my Mom had explained. I picked a nice easy project- a bow tie- and adapted it into a headband. This was the very first completed project.

It spurred on a spew of multi-coloured, different sized headbands for many lovelies I have the priviledge to know.

The creation is so simple it is almost not worth sharing. The bow is built on a foundation of chains (twice the size of the desired bow size), a row of single crochets, a row of trebles, two rows of half doubles, a row of trebles and a row of singles. This is the main look I went for, but really, if you want a different look, you can stick to half-doubles or singles or whatever combination strikes your fancy. The main bow piece is then folded in half and whip stitched together. The seam will be at the back of the bow so there isn’t too much need to make it look too  fancy (thank goodness too- my stitching skills are horrible!). The middle piece of the bow was also built on some chains (I think mine was just 13 stitches long) and a  row of double crochets. This piece can be as thin or thick as you prefer and just a bit longer than the main bow piece is tall. It can now be wrapped tight around the big piece and whip stitched closed. The head band strap is made of double crochets as long as I needed to wrap comfortably around my head. I sewed a button to one edge, threaded the remainder of the strap through the bow ( I like it loose so that I can adjust where the bow falls on my hair) and the double crochets act as the button hole.

Boom. A super cute headband with very few places to make an error. Now that is my kind of project!