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reCreation-The Art of Old Becoming New

I believe in second chances, don’t you? Opportunities to shine better than you shined before, to correct a mistake made in haste or to try just one more time to reach the goal you fell short of last time. It takes grace on the giver, and persistence on the receiver, but this is the seasoning of life.  People need second chances – why? because they have value  and potential.  No matter how tired, battered or worn out they might be.

Art imitates life, right?

recreate:  \ˈre-krē-ˌāt\

transitive verb
:  to give new life or freshness to : refresh
intransitive verb
:  to take recreation

In the early days (back when I was very young and very bored) my mom would give me old buttons, yarn and scraps of fabric to keep me busy on those long summer days. I can remember thumbing through magazines and pattern books dreaming of all the things that those buttons and scraps could become.  This was my “recreation”.

Perhaps because of these memories, I have a very hard time walking past “items of great potential” –  Beautiful stacks of cardboard, old pallets, holey jeans… they all sing with the tune of second chances.

So, what is a girl to do? ReCreate of course!
I have been cooking up several projects and will be keeping a journal of the process. Check out my new blog “CJ’s (re)Creations for how to’s, techniques and some items for sale

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