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Cardboard Cardboard Everywhere!


When life gives you lemons  cardboard, make lemonade something amazing!

I’m sure that there are psychiatrists with treatment plans for people like me.  People who have rooms with ‘items of great potential’.  People whose hearts beat a little more quickly at the thought of what could be done with “that”.  People who love the phrase “another man’s trash…”   Yep.  That’s me.

So, here’s the story – we moved across an ocean.  Our life’s belongings are on a small container on a very big boat which has yet had the courage to leave port.  And we are in a big house full of …. nothing.

Never fear! IKEA is here!  Presto! We have beds, and a couple chairs, and a couple small tables (acting as desks)

and I now have a MOUNTAIN of cardboard and plastic.  It’s smooth perfectly clean surface is just calling to be made into something beautiful…something useful.

Oh and did I mention that I also have an abundance of time on my hands?

So, according to my mathematical equation :

[(cardboard + potential) /storage space] x extra time = useful or beautiful projects + happiness –  minimal financial outlay

This is an equation I can live with.

But what does one do with such an abundance of the stiff brown stuff?  The days of castles and cars are past.  Barbie has moved to another home, and Mr. Teddy now lives high on a shelf in my youngest daughter’s room where his primary job is now to be “cute”.

I contemplated building some amazing creation for our new neighbor’s 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son… but we’ve only spoken once… and they might find it a bit…odd.

I tried googling “cardboard projects” – let me just say there are some pretty creative people out there.

 How about some cardboard armor to slay a cardboard dragon?


And considering the current furniture situation… perhaps a cardboard chair to relax in?


Sadly, none of these are quite what I had in mind.

So my quest continues:  useful and/or beautiful,  fun and/or responsible.

Watch this space to see what kind of things I come up with



Even though so many creative ideas floated through my head… a more practical, and hopefully productive solution arose which required every last piece of cardboard I had gathered – and it will produce SO much more than any desk organizer or gingerbread village…


Curious?  Jump to my next post here


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