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Drive-By (Photo) Shooting

On my list of things to learn… number 4….. Photography. Thanks to a generous gift from my hubby, I have a fantastic camera, but I find that I suffer from photographic shyness. Something about pointing a camera in a public setting makes me feel like I’m intruding into people’s lives uninvited…. yet I long for those amazing shots of beautiful faces, candid moments and picturesque settings.

On a recent trip into Mozambique, Elizabeth and I tried a new technique we call “Drive By Shooting”.  A word of warning: do not refer to this technique casually in a public setting. It tends to draw strange looks and unwanted interest in your conversation.

A long stretch of road lined with a collection of informal shops as well as many people was the setting.  I set my camera to action (remember that I am still in beginner status here…) and clicked off a series of shots with the camera placed on the open car window as we drove at about 40 km  down the road. I played a little zooming in and out and came up with many quick glimpses into the local life. A quick run through the shots, deleting those that were of nothing interesting, left me with a collection of photos that have given me many great subjects for artistic endeavours as well as a great memory of the feeling of the area we were in.  A little Photoshop help for lighting and composition and I will be happy. 

(please forgive the low resolution…. we have a VERY slow connection, and I had to reduce the size of the photos to get them loaded)




One response to “Drive-By (Photo) Shooting

  1. Elizabeth January 14, 2012 at 10:55 am

    I love how you zoomed in. So smart!

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