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Garden Art – a little bit of whimsy

I don’t know if it was the ceramic statues of gnomes, deer and squirrels in my Grandma Peterson’s garden (my brother and I would go on safari, hunting for them among the blooms and bush) or my mom’s creative flair in dressing up her flower beds with old shoes and teapots, but I have always wanted to add touches of something to my garden beds. 

 In our current home, we have a lot of well established green – and not too much colour. The bird life is great, and that has brought a special kind of colour, but I am ready for some fun.

At the moment I’m busy getting a container garden going, but once complete I am planning on getting a few fun things put together to add a bit of flair and maybe even fantasy to my garden (or yard, for my northern hemisphere friends and family).

High on my list are items created from upcycled goods. I love garden markers made from old spoons,

       Staked flowers from recycled soda cans

– and I’m definitely going to find an old bowling ball and croquet ball and do a bit of mosaic.

It’s a good thing that garden art has progressed beyond clever arrangements of gnomes and squirrels, and that there is so much great inspiration to be had!

Special thanks to meiphemera.blogspot.com and stitchanddestroy.blogspot.com for their great ideas!


6 responses to “Garden Art – a little bit of whimsy

  1. mimi miller September 20, 2011 at 1:15 am

    Love the pop can flowers, going to have to try that one! I saw some spoons at a garage sale last week that would have been perfect for the spoon markers as well.

  2. Elizabeth September 20, 2011 at 7:39 am

    Ooo I like those spoons!

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