Let's Just Try It

a compilation of inspiration and creative endeavors of a mom and daughter duo

Canvas Cutlery

Who doesn’t love to just play at something? Other than a tole painting class I took years ago I have never had actual instruction – but it is so fun to play around with colour and shade and see what comes out. After trying my hand at a small canvas, I got a bit braver and pulled out some large meter high canvases that I had bought on sale. My dining room was woefully bare and I thought a giant set of cutlery would be fun.

Embracing my “rustic” (translate: imperfect) style, I found some great images online, printed them in an                 enlarged format (thank you Microsoft Publisher and your tile printing option!). I then transferred the designs       on the canvases with graphite paper – basic shape and outline, but not too much detail.

Initially, I had hoped to keep the high contrast of light and dark, so I started with a light fill in, building up the dark – but the effect wasn’t want I wanted, so I opted to do a darker background and highlight with lighter – it worked better on the spoon and kept the lines softer, which is what I liked

After completing the basic shapes and shading, I added a bit of detail with shading to show a bit of a simple pattern, then finished off the look of the canvas with the phrase “we eat” in languages familiar to many who have dined at my table – Hindi, Zulu, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Afrikaans and a few others just for fun. The text was once again printed by my computer, enlarged and transferred. I then used a simple round brush and a beautiful green colour to get a nice even script.


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