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Quirky Vintage Art in an Afternoon

I whipped this up in just one afternoon with nothing more than an old canvas, some paint, modge podge and a paper printout.

Here is how you can too:

1. First, trim and distress your printout. I used an image found on Google (since this is for private non profit use, we aren’t violating any laws) and printed it on my inkjet printer. I  used ink to distress the edges of the image.

2. Using the Podge, spread a very thin layer over the image, and let dry. This helps the ink not smudge. Using a foam brush makes your life easier, but a wide, clean paintbrush will work too.

I have tried this technique several times, and each image does have its own hiccups. The idea here is for the layer to be ridiculously thin. If you see the colours smearing, stop, and let everything dry thoroughly before going forward.

If you are using an image from a laser printer, you can skip this step.

3. Paint the edges of the canvas and let dry.

4. Spread a thin layer of Podge over the canvas and carefully lay out the image, smoothing out any bubbles with your hands.

5. Here’s where I got a little crazy. According to decoupage experts, you should wait until this is dry before adding a coat of Podge on top. I didn’t. I wanted as much texture as I could (including wrinkles and creases) so I threw on a coat right over the top of the print out. Embrace imperfection!

Three coats of Podge and one coat of sealer was sufficient for this little guy.

There you have it! Quirky art in one afternoon with just an old canvas, modge podge, and a printer.


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