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Book Page Wreath

I happen to be of the opinion that there are two types of books on this lovely planet.

There are good books. These are the intriguing stories, rich with plot, characterisation and overall mastery of the language. I treasure good books with space on my bookshelves, in my conversations and in my mind.

There are bad books with good re-purposes. These books aren’t inherently terrible necessarily, but they most certainly do not warrant a second or third reading. But even bad books, though not contributing to my preferred sense of literature, are still filled with useful features. Bill Bailey by Catherine Cookson was one of these very books. I read it once, promptly decided that it would be my only read through, and began to cook up a scheme to repurpose the pages in a beautiful way.

The pages had yellowed beautifully, and the printed words had held up well in my great grandmother’s attic. I couldn’t wait to find something to make with them!

Then I saw this tutorial for a faux curled rosewood wreath. It was the perfect mix of unconventionality and traditionalism. I made a few changes: used rolled up newspaper instead of a wreath form, loosened up my roses, and tied with a satin ribbon for a bit of shine.

The wreath is about a foot and a half in diameter, and took just under 300 roses to complete. I consider this a mostly win:

1: I spend no money on creating this as the book was a gift and the newspaper was from my recycling bin

2: The wreath successfully shows off the beautiful pages of the book

3: Next time I make something like this, I will take more care to spraypaint the entire newspaper white to hide any ink bleedthroughs

4: This turned out to be a bit more old fashioned than I prefer. I see it hanging above my typewriter every morning, and I like how appropriate it is for the vignette, but in all seriousness, this isn’t something I’d like to keep forever. It needs a bit more colour and oomph!

If you would like to make your own book page wreath, you can visit Under the Table and Dreaming for a complete tutorial.


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